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Bhakti Nidra

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Eugene Yoga South, 3575 Donald Street, Suite 180, Eugene, OR

This is a monthly yoga nidra class I teach at Eugene Yoga. It is infused with guitar, harmonium, and singing, experienced while lying down using props and blankets to be comfortable while I take you through a series of body and breath awareness techniques to help you reach a deep state of relaxation. Bhakti in sanskrit means devotion and Nidra is sleep, so it is a yoga nidra class combined with the bhakti practice of music! Pre-registration is required. Go to the Eugene Yoga website, click on the Classes and Events tab, go to Full Schedule, then click on the Workshops tab and scroll down to Bhakti Nidra.

$25 or buy a pack of 3 for $22.50 each


Finally, a show with my dear Trio (that's Sean Peterson on bass and Jeremy Wegner on mandolin)! We will be joined by the amazing Sarah Holtschlag for the evening. Don't be late - she will kick things off at 7:30 and you don't want to miss it!! Here is a little description of what you're in for! Sarah Holtschlag’s songs are equal parts uppercut and french kiss. She writes woebegone lullabies about forget-you-not low-flying birds. Her sounds charm as well as haunt, tilt as well as persuade. In growing up times, Sarah lived in the foothills of factory towers in mid-Michigan. There she learnt to play the singing saw and now has a few credits on soundtracks for horror films, one airline commercial, and the honor of performing the national anthem for the Eugene Emeralds. $15/door


Bhakti Heart is a new duo project with mulit-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter, Len Seligman. Join us for a joyous, uplifting gathering, chanting sacred sounds from diverse traditions. All are welcome, regardless of musical experience or spiritual background. Suggested Donation: $10-$20. Make sure to come around to the left/back side of the building and enter at the ramp to the upstairs Fillmore Room!