For 30 years Laura has taught guitar and songwriting in Eugene, OR to students from the ages of 7 to 70. She has mentored many young adults who have gone on to pursue their own music careers. Her warmth, sense of humor, patience, positivity and general encouragement of her students has made her one of the most sought after and experienced teachers in the area.

She was the former director of the SHEDD Institute summer guitar camps and now maintains a weekly private teaching schedule at her home studio in Eugene. 

Over the past 40+ years she has continued to learn, grow, reinvent and challenge herself musically. In addition to studying voice at Vanderbilt University as an undergrad in the late '80's, singing in choirs, and taking private guitar, dobro, banjo, and even harmonium lessons in India, she has studied with some of Eugene's finest guitar teachers, including Don Latarski at the University of Oregon and Bill Harkelroad.


Laura is a longtime student of yoga, meditation, Sanskrit, and Vedanta. She was introduced to meditation in the the late 80’s through TM and shortly thereafter she stumbled upon her first yoga class. In 2008 she deepened her practice, spending four months in India studying yoga, Vedic chanting, and harmonium while volunteering at an orphanage. Since then she completed a 200 hr YTT with Sarah Joy Marsh and a 100 hr Yoga Nidra Teacher Certification with Kamini Desai. She currently teaches a monthly Bhakti Yoga Nidra class at Eugene Yoga. She has also offered classes and workshops in beginning Sanskrit and kirtan, with a focus on pronunciation, reading and understanding both transliteration and devanagari, and applying this knowledge to singing and chanting the names of the divine.

She leads kirtans which are a mix of traditional bhajans and original compositions influenced by folk, jazz and americana.

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Bhakti Nidra

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Eugene Yoga South, 3575 Donald Street, Suite 180, Eugene, OR

This is a monthly yoga nidra class I teach at Eugene Yoga. It is infused with guitar, harmonium, and singing, experienced while lying down using props and blankets to be comfortable while I take you through a series of body and breath awareness techniques to help you reach a deep state of relaxation. Bhakti in sanskrit means devotion and Nidra is sleep, so it is a yoga nidra class combined with the bhakti practice of music! Pre-registration is required. Go to the Eugene Yoga website, click on the Classes and Events tab, go to Full Schedule, then click on the Workshops tab and scroll down to Bhakti Nidra.

$25 or buy a pack of 3 for $22.50 each